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Offer for Sponsorship

ALL STARS TEAM is looking for partners intending to support different sponsored events through sponsorship or in material way. Events on the Czech territory or single tours abroad come into question. We pursue the aim to offer our potential partners actions that are attractive through their concept as well as their sport value. This is especially with expeditions the case: their participants are exposed to extreme physical and mental strain and this under extreme climatic conditions.

EACH PARTNER who will decide to connect his name with a selected sport action we will provide with presentation and publicity through media to the mutual agreed extent and according to the sponsorship contribution, with respect to partner�s wish and requirements. So will every time a concrete, tailor-made package of publicity products come into being. This relationship is to be described in details and specified in an agreement that will be finally entered by both parties.

IN CASE OF YOUR INTEREST in sponsorship you can count with the following types of your presentation:

  • Name of your company will be included in the name of action
  • TV presentation (studio interviews, reports, documents)
  • Presentation during press conferences
  • Presentation in printed media
  • Presentation in sports facilities (playing fields, halls) where the sports event is to take place
  • Presentation on the clothing (jackets, caps, tracksuits, T-shirts, etc.) and material equipment (tents, rucksacks, bags, etc.) of individual sportsmen, members of promotional campaign
  • Complete video presentation (CD, DVD) related to the whole event
  • Web presentation