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Our Services

THE ALL STARS TEAM focuses on representing young and promising footballers who have good prospects of growing up to become outstanding players. These tend to rank among the most talented in youth categories, while gaining their first experience at professional clubs.

THE ALL STARS TEAM prefers quality to quantity. The Team�'s network of field coworkers makes a thorough selection of players before we contact them. Following this, the Team concludes a “Contract on Representation“ with the player which is then registered by FA in the Czech Republic. The number of players represented by the Team is limited which makes the mutual cooperation even more efficient.

THE ALL STARS TEAM provides assistance over and above the standard of service normally provided by players' agents. The Team remains in touch, on a regular and personal basis, with all the players and their families. We regard working with them as a long-term activity based on mutual trust, an alliance of two parties for which a handshake is not a mere formality.

THE ALL STARS TEAM follows basic principles anchored in FIFA regulations for players�' agents, in rules prepared by FA of Czech Republic for football players�' agents and in the relevant professional code of conduct as well. The All Stars Team has a professional liability insurance for players�' agents with the Česká pojišťovna insurance company.

  • Managerial service

  • Protection of personal and commercial rights

  • Sports insurance

  • Medical assistance

  • Contacts with media and public relations

  • Sports equipment support

  • Tax and investment consulting