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SLOVAKIA is a country that lets others know about itself. In a positive way. Its infrastructure and endowment are quickly developing. There are helpful and hospitable people living there. The country is rich in natural beauties and historical monuments. Prospective for investors, attractive for tourists. Also the local football is known for its quality, especially at the level of national team. The development of Slovak football is supported also by the fact that the best Slovak players come back home after finishing their professional carrier and act as coaches or managers in Slovak clubs.

ALL STARS TEAM will bring you to the southwestern and northern part of the country. Púchov and Senec dispose of up-to-date sports centres, suitable for professional clubs to arrange training camps. The camp in the capital city of Bratislava is conform to the needs of youth teams. These localities are to be found not far from Hungary, Austria and Czech Republic, so that a number of alternatives rise for carrying out test matches. Specific stays are offered in Tatranská Lomnica in the High Tatra, which are considered to be the smallest among the European higher mountains. Here you can held summer or winter training camps. All locations can be easily reached by bus after eventual usage of flights to Bratislava, Vienna or Poprad.

Basic details
Official nameSlovak Republic
Population5,3 million
Official languageSlovak
Administrative division6 regions
Currency1 Euro
TimeCentral European + 1 hour

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