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PORTUGAL, though small in size and settled at the very edge of Europe, has been a land of promise for footballers. Backed up by devoted fans, a number of top players and clubs, a successful national team as well as high-quality domestic league, substantially seconded by a regular supply of Brazilians. If considering the fact that - thanks to the favourable climate - football is played here all the year round, you will come to a necessary conclusion: Portugal is a first-class destination for training camps, especially in winter time.

ALL STARS TEAM offers training camps located in area between Lisbon and Porto, also in the southernmost region of Portugal, Algarve. A typical scenery here is framed by ragged coast bathed by the Atlantic ocean, consisting of coloured rockies and long sandy beaches. Also in winter months, trees are abloom and temperatures hover around 20°C. Clubs from all over Europe are coming here looking for warmth, sun, green grass and high-quality competitors. The common final destinations are the airports of Lisbon and Faro as well, from where buses are to be taken to come to the chosen places. Friendly matches, if agreed, can be carried out in place of camps or the home pitches of Portuguese opponents can be used. Being in Algarve you can mostly face foreign teams actually acting there, on the other side the middle and northern parts of Portugal bring an offer to play on top level against home clubs. Despite both professional Portuguese competitions are running through winter time.

Basic details
Official nameRepublic of Portugal
Population11 million
Official languagePortuguese
Administrative division7 regions
Currency1 Euro
TimeCentral European

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