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THE ALL STARS TEAM organizes training camps in the Czech Republic throughout the year, both in summer and in winter. Local climate is relatively mild. In summer, the weather tends to be mostly pleasant and sunny with daily temperatures reaching approximately 25°C. The sunshine is rarely exhausting here and is often replaced with cloudy weather and a refreshing light breeze. Winters are cold, often snowy. Despite this, players can undergo excellent training programmes, thanks to numerous playgrounds with artificial surface.

THE ALL STARS TEAM also organizes training camps abroad. They are kept especially in Portugal, Turkey and Spain in winter period, whilst Slovakia, Austria and Italy use to be first choices in summer. If requested, the agency arranges camps in other countries too, in Europe and another continents as well.

THE ALL STARS TEAM devotes great attention to selecting suitable locations and hotels. We offer well tested places offering fields for training and play, as well as facilities for relaxation and rehabilitation. We can provide references from clubs that have previously stayed here.

THE ALL STARS TEAM prepares tailor-made stays according to the wishes and requests of the individual clubs. For instance, we see to it that the team does not share their selected hotel with another team during the same period of time, as that might complicate the club's schedule. On the other hand, we can invite the club to a location where other clubs are training at the same time, in order to enable their friendly matches.

THE ALL STARS TEAM provides personal assistance during inspections of the proposed location made by club representatives, as well as during the team's stay in the selected hotel. This enables us to quickly respond to any idea, request or comment that may arise.

.As a rule, the earlier the club makes a decision about going to a training camp, the better the arrangement comes out, because more time can be devoted to thorough preparations including all organizational details, plus a wider range of available locations can be assessed.