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TURKEY is a country of four seas, historical traditions, friendly people, Islam and - what else - football. It seems to have been the second religion. Top players are worshiped, stadiums attendances are high, media interest is huge, fans are cheerful, loud and grateful. Football boom is also manifested in the fact that Turkey has in recent years become the most popular destination for winter training camps.

ALL STARS TEAM will take you to the Mediterranean region around the historic city of Antalya, in particular to the areas Side, Belek, Kemer and Lara. You will find an incredible quantity of more than 300 five-star resorts, offering access to the sea and luxury facilities for all guests alike. Football has become part of the tourism business, whether at professional or amateur level. Football fields are programmatically built within the hotels� boundaries or the hotels� own football centres are directly established. The latter ones include a number of training areas with top turf, but also dressing rooms with showers, clubroom and refreshments, or a racing track. Adding to that a pleasant climate with temperatures between 15 to 20� Celsius and reasonable prices, you have a logical explanation as to why club teams from across Europe and Asia come here every year from January to April. This means that there you will practically always encounter a number of teams of all sorts of quality and of variety of playing styles. Then you can easily guarantee and fix up that what is crucial for all the coaches - preparation matches with the appropriate opponents.

From Czech Republic to Antalya you can fly Turkish Airlines with a transfer in Istanbul. From the neighbouring countries (Germany, Austria) you can sometimes - in happy circumstances - get there directly by a charter flight. Individual resorts are spread out on the Turkish Riviera to a maximum distance of 60 km from Antalya.

Basic details
Official nameRepublic of Turkey
Population68 million
Official languageTurkish
Administrative division7 regions, 81 provinces
Currency1 New Turkish Lira
TimeCentral European +2

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