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POLAND is a country that is quickly moving away from its unfortunate communist regime legacy. Its image and infrastructure is changing before our eyes, and football is one of the factors that have contributed to this significantly, primarily thanks to the fact that Poland, alongside the Ukraine, organized EURO 2012. New modern stadiums were created here, the country's highway network was expanded, and there are new quality hotels with facilities for athletes.

IT IS NO COINCIDENCE that at the Euro, thirteen of the sixteen teams chose Poland as their base. Here, footballers have enough places where they can spend time during a single match, as well as during longer stays or training camps. A nice bonus is that one can almost always count on the willingness and openness of the local people; they pamper their guests and show them goodwill. The Czech national team, which played the group stage of the Euro in Wroclaw, could tell you plenty of stories. Although it may sound surprising, today Poland is good and original destination for summer training stays - for teams of all levels.

All STARS TEAM if offering you one of the best Polish sports centres in Gniewino, located north of Gdansk. During the Euro the Spanish national team prepared here, and it would be difficult to imagine a better recommendation.

From the Czech Republic you can get here via bus through Berlin and Szczecin, or through Poznan and Bydgoszcz. If you would like to fly, CSA offers flights from Prague via Warsaw to Gdansk. From here it's about 50 km to Gniewino.

Basic details
Official nameRepublic of Poland
Population38,5 million
Official languagePolish
Administrative division16 voivodeships (provinces)
Currency1 Zloty /PLN/, (1 Euro = 4 PLN)
TimeCentral European + 1 hour

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